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About Challenger Learning Center of Minnesota

Each Challenger Learning Center offers hands-on experiential STEM programs. The core programs are space themed simulations that take place in a fully-immersive environment made up of four rooms– Briefing, Transport, Mission Control and Spacecraft. Students start their experience in a Briefing Room where they learn their roles and set goals for the Mission. Half of the students head to the Transport Room, buckle in, and launch to the Spacecraft, a room designed to look like the interior of a space station. The other half reports to Mission Control. In Spacecraft, student teams use real science equipment to conduct hands-on labs and gather data. In Mission Control, students analyze data received from Spacecraft. Together, the students engage in meaningful communication, collaboration, and problem solving to achieve their mission goals, such as finding life on Mars or water on the Moon.

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​The Challenger Learning Center of Minnesota has been accepted to join the global network that reaches hundreds of thousands of students and tens of thousands of teachers each year. We are currently in the fundraising stage and we are working hard to bring this unique and powerful experience to the youth, educators, families and communities of Minnesota.

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