Challenger Center is a world-class STEM organization with over 40 Challenger Learning Centers worldwide inspiring and engaging youth in STEM education, but none in the upper Midwest. The Challenger Learning Center of Minnesota will not only serve students through missions, camps and supplementary programs, but it will also offer programs and projects designed for families, teachers and industry. Let’s bring inspiration within their reach!  #MissionMinnesota 

Help Us Educate, Energize and Inspire a whole new generation of Scientists, Engineers, and Innovators from Minnesota! 

Invest in our children's future.  The fastest growing occupations require significant Math & Science to be competitive. STEM careers are predicted to grow at an incredible pace relative to other occupations. Help us inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and leaders!   #MissionMinnesota 

We are working to bring a world class STEM education center here to the Minneapolis area: 

  • Currently in the fundraising stage and our efforts have been well received and strongly endorsed.
  • We are in the process of developing a partnership framework through both public and private sponsorships
  • ​We were accepted to join the global network of Challenger Learning Centers in September 2015 
  • 501c3 non-profit educational organization 

​​We can’t do it without your support! Contact us for more information.

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Now is the time

​501c3 Non-Profit

Educational Organization​

Preparing to launch...   #MissionMinnesota